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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Concussions: Magic Fingers

The unearthly opening song for The Concussions most recent release, Magic Fingers (the name reminds me of a great but weird mechanic I once knew), sounds like the theme music from some late night, 1960s Abbie-normal sci-fi television series. The Invasion of the Closed-Head Injury Guys comes to mind. "Think Pink" sounds like what would be on the turntable during a game of naked Twister beach bingo on 'shrooms back in the day. "All Skate" takes us back to the more innocent days of roller skating on Friday nights. You know, the song that came on for the couples skate which found the girl you asked looking like she'd rather enjoy sharp shards of glass in her fountain drink than skate alone with your geeky ass (she only gives in because her Mom is giving her the eyeball from the sidelines). Yeah, thanks for the memories. Bill Vits drumming is spot on and, more importantly, never too loud. Great example of ensemble playing by everyone. Danny Barber on trumpet is heard on "Stiletto" which is instrumentally reminiscent of Dick Dale & the Del-Tones "Miserlou" (which the C-HIG's do rousingly in performance). The Concussions have established themselves as one of the U.S. prominent surf bands alongside the esteemed likes of The Volcanoes, The Trashmen, and Los Straightjackets (whose members sometimes appear locally with part of The Concussions crew as The b/sides and The Neanderthals). A warm fuzzy sound quality permeates Fingers courtesy of the analog production at Goon Lagoon Studios. So come on in, take off your skin and rattle around in your bones with The Concussions. Next time you too will wish you'd worn a helmet. Magic Fingers is available at http://theconcussions.com/

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