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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Organissimo at Founders Brewery 1/17

The popular band Organissimo's jazzy-jam flavorings will be on full display during a rare Saturday evening appearance in Grand Rapids on Jan. 17. Lansing-based Organissimo found a home for a couple of consecutive months at Founders (the old place) in 2002. Since that time the band had been regulated to Thursday night appearances at Founders, so this being a Saturday gig is extra special. Organissimo has stayed busy since those early days of the now-legendary Boogaloo Sisters by recording CDs, accepting awards, and gigging where ever possible. They've also made headway into larger city markets like Chicago (Andy's Jazz Club), Philadelphia (The Philadelphia Museum of Art), Indianapolis (Jazz Kitchen), and even South Bend IN (Trio's, this past New Year's Eve). The band was even espoused upon by none other than Chicago Tribune music critic Howard Reich. So if you are looking for some Windy City grade entertainment this brisk winter evening, Founders is your place. The classic jazz trio is lead by Jim Alfredson on Hammond B-3 and Moog (he also plays with the Root Doctor), Joe Gloss on guitar, and a living legend in the West Michigan music scene (playing and instructing) on drums, Randy Marsh. An added plus at most Organissimo shows are the other heavy cats of the local music scene who show up to jam. Look to the packed dance floor for a rare sighting of the original Boogaloo Sisters. www.organissimo.org

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