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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Euforquestra at Founders Brewery 2/12

Euforquestra is a seven-member band who originally hails from Iowa City IA but who are now forced to admit they recently relocated to Fort Collins CO. Euforquestra, having recently opened for Eek-a-Mouse, plays a barrage of different styles: their material says they play Afro-beat/Reggae/Funk but later down the page it lists Afro-Caribbean and barnyard funk. I guess you can have it both ways; nothing get funkier than the barnyard at times. We'll see how adept they are at these musical adventures when Euforquestra plays at Founders on Thursday Feb. 12. They play in support of the release The Adventures of Glen Devey which at times sounds like that other famous Colorado dance band, Cabaret Diosa (at least the horns do, coupled with the world groove sensibility). The title track has a nice trance-like quality about it. "Medicine Bow Run" is the other good one and it sounds like Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom, the Green Eyed Soul era. Again, the seven-piece outfit appears to be a percussion powerhouse with dual horns and even the vibes. Can't go wrong like that. Progressive band, progressive booking. Check it out.

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Anonymous said...

The Glen Devy CD was their first, and now 4 years old. Euforquestra released 'Explorations in Afrobeat' in 2006. They are currently in the studio recording a third CD in Boulder, due out by summer. A live recording session is planned in Iowa City at the Yacht Club on April 23 and 24. Great band. Lots of infectious energy.