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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Los Lobos "Acoustic En Vivo"

35 years ago Los Lobos was not long out of East L.A.'s Jefferson High School. It didn't take long to realize that they should learn traditional Mexican music, polkas and folk songs. This way they could get more gigs playing Mexican quinciarras and other cultural occasions where traditional sounds were in demand. So they raided their parents’ record collections and scooped up traditional instruments, like the bajo sexto, for study at pawnshops. The young Wolves even made a pilgrimage to Mexico to see if they could really feel the historic vibe. According to Los Lobos founding member Louie Perez, this was the once in a lifetime opportunity “to learn first-hand the integrity of our culture.” Other musicians talk about how deep Los Lobos is; Acoustic En Vivo is what they’re talking about. Acoustic En Vivo spotlights a vibrant strumming technique complimented by the distinct blend of harmony voices that is unmatched when filling up the sound space in the finest concert halls world wide. Songs with such historical quality just aren't written anymore. Using the same fingers that wield wide respect on plugged-in instrumentation, Los Lobos finds an instant touch with soft hands on vintage Mexican jarana and tres guitars. There will simply never be a band like this again. Acoustic En Vivo is the finest documentation of their folklorico presentation that is available today. Click on the link below for a sample of this disc, the song "Colas."


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