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Thursday, December 20, 2012

CD Review: On the Record with the Kinsey Report

The Kinsey Report has always approached the blues with a boisterous mood. Perhaps they’re just trying to be heard above the clamor and din of their hometown Gary IN steel mills. Those inescapable industrial sounds add nothing to a rehearsal over at the house. Simpler yet, it could be the Kinsey's still possess a power trio mind-set. If hard hitting blues is what your soul seeks, give a listen to On the Record with the Kinsey Report. Take note of their version of the blues staple “Rock Me.” Everything you’ve ever heard about the Kinsey Report is here: blues tradition coupled with a dynamic unleashed as rock-n-roll. For some blues music lovers, the jolt is akin to walking around the corner into a stiff Chicago wind. But for longtime followers of the Kinsey brothers this revelation comes as no surprise.  Featuring Chicago blues and Kinsey originals, On the Record is inundated with a reggae groove--island rock-rhythms on lasting authority from brother Donald’s days with Peter Tosh. The influence for Donald's sure-handed lead guitar work was infused during his formative time alongside Albert King (Breaking Up Somebody's Home) and Albert Collins. Recorded on location in Bowling Green, Ohio, this CD/vinyl package offers a documentation of contemporary blues as rendered by veterans with a steadfast grit.

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