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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Keb' Mo' at the Intersection March 23

Keb’ Mo’ is one who wants to know that people leaving his show are in a better state of mind than when they arrived. A good blues man is adept at easing the worried brow of those seeking his humble note and word. If entertainer Kevin Moore has any say in it, you’ll soon be feeling some much needed clarity. This may be the only chance you see today for really getting outside yourself. By looking at life in the here and now, with a clearer mind perhaps, you’ll start to feel hope about your present station-in-life situation. “My hope is that people have an uplifting time,” Keb’ Mo’ said. “When that happens you feel different. When you feel different you think differently. When you think differently, you let go of whatever it is you have.” Mo' is not interested in directly addressing the prosperity of anyone. But believe it or not he’s just like you and me when it comes to acquiring an answer. “When I have a place where I need to grow and I have a situation in front of me, the more present I am the better I can think through challenges. There is a solution to the problems we have.”

Keb' Mo' is all about living in the present. He comes by it honestly, let’s say. “My career has been a series of little jobs,” Mo' said. “My next job is always based upon my performance the night before. If I do good, I get another job.” He says he learned long ago he prefers the right now equilibrium. “There’s no past, there’s no future, just right now walking onstage. There are no guarantees. Maybe someone will be affected by one of my songs and seek out another one. Maybe another musician will hear a song and want to do it themselves.” 

As a songwriter Keb' Mo' tunes have been recorded by a myriad of artists. His sentiment-laden songs will turn you inside out every time. “The Beginning” opens and closes with the hope—there’s that word again—that the end is merely a starting point. “I co-wrote that song with Bobby McFerrin,” Mo' said. “It’s about trust. Trusting what comes to your consciousness and believing that you can shape it the best you can.” 

For twenty years Grammy-winner Keb’ Mo' has been providing avenues to destinations inward and exit lanes to your outside world. Above all he'd like nothing more than for you to have fun at one of his shows. Acoustic set or not, Keb' wants those so inclined to get out there and grab a piece of the aisle and have fun. Be looking for when he gets out the slide and reaches for the National Resorocket. Then you’ll know for sure you’re where you need to be.  

Keb' Mo' solo acoustic, Saturday March 23 at the Intersection. 7 pm. 

The Venue: sectionlive.com/


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