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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

'Freedom & Dreams' by North Mississippi Osborne (N.M.O.)

Freedom & Dreams (2015) by N.M.O. is the result of a recent collaboration between Luther & Cody Dickinson of the North Mississippi Allstars and New Orleans singer-songwriter Anders Osborne. Freedom & Dreams sounds as if the North Mississippi Allstars dropped a yard of fertile heritage soil on a Delta blacktop with Osborne’s evocative lyrics seeding the top. Kneel down, breathe, feel the moist life-giving nutrient between your fingers. The blossoms harken a timeless portrait of southern folk life today. Freedom and Dreams is the smell of dust, flowing water, soybeans and sweet potatoes. You can almost hear the droning insects on a steamy late afternoon heading towards sundown (Many Wise Men). NMA’s time-honored musical approach is firmly rooted in the Mississippi hill country blues region of Otha Turner and Junior Kimbrough. Throughout the recording Osborne gives a sturdy but tender voice to the hill country spirits; he paints a picture of the American south so accurate it somehow contradicts with his Swedish homeland upbringing (Junco Pardna). All of these guys were influenced by the jam bands of their generation; Osborne still plays with members of the Grateful Dead (Brush Up Against You). At press time personnel credits were sparse for Freedom & Dreams. As expected Luther Dickinson’s slide work is the sinewy thread that holds it all together. Brother Cody's textured percussion is spot on; he also finds added piano playing time. 

North Mississippi Allstars & Anders Osborne present North Mississippi Osborne (N.M.O.), 7:30pm, Thursday at the Intersection.

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